Usage of the oil

Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. has as a result of its high vitamin E content its own protective mechanism against the degradation process. When properly stored and used accordingly, it is possible to prevent the natural degradation of the fats in the green gold for as long as possible.

Fat degretation

All fats are susceptible to degradation, as this is what causes them to spoil. The more unsaturated fatty acids that make up a certain oil, the more quickly the oil will spoil. This process can also be accelerated by warmth, light, oxygen, metals (especially copper), enzymes and microorganisms. As the fatty acids begin to degrade, the oil takes on a lightly sour or bitter taste. In time, the oil tastes and smells unpleasant and goes rancid, at this point the oil is spoiled and should not be consumed.

Usage in the kitchen

Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI should not be exposed to high heat, otherwise it develops an unpleasant odour and the valuable nutrients found in the oil are destroyed. Pumpkin seed oil is not recommended for roasting or frying, but can be heated to 120 °C without any noticeable effect on the taste and aroma of the dish. Above all, pumpkin seed oil is used in the cold kitchen and as an accent shortly before serving warm foods.

Pumpkin seed oil presents many possibilities as an ingredient in baked goods, here, the nutty taste and the green tint play the most important roles. Alternatively, pumpkin seed press cake can also be added to many baking recipes.

Dishes containing pumpkin seed oil should NEVER be place in direct sunlight or left for too long out in the daylight. UV rays accelerate the degradation of the fats in the oil and, especially in the summer at a barbeque, pumpkin seed oil can quickly turn brown in colour and add a bitter taste to to the dish.

Easy stain removal

You must have experienced this too: It is always the last bite of salad dressed with Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. that leaves a stain on your freshly washed blouse or shirt. What to do? The solution is simple, sit yourself in the sun and the pumpkin seed oil stain will begin to disappear in just 10 minutes!  Just the grease stain left by the oil will have to be removed by washing. That said the washing machine is is unable to remove pumpkin seed oil's green pigments, so stained clothing should be laid out in the sun before washing or hung out to dry after washing. The effect of daylight on pumpkin seed oil works just as well when it is overcast.

Gastronomy tips

Caution! Clear or transparent bottles are not suitable for serving pumpkin seed oil in an oil and vinegar stand. This is because the constant exposure to daylight leads to the degradation of the fatty acids in the oil. Clear bottles can either be covered in aluminum foil or switched for opaque bottles to extend the table life of the pumpkin seed oil in the oil and vinegar stands.

As mentioned above, old oil residues can have a negative affect on the taste of the pumpkin seed oil used in a dish. In order to counter this effect, it is important to ensure the pumpkin seed oil bottle spout is regularly cleaned when pumpkin seed oil is placed on the table for guests to use.

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