Pumpkin cultivation

Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. is a true gift from nature. It is a guaranteed natural speciality and is produced without the addition of other oils, food colourings, aromas or preservatives. It gets its typical and one of a kind character from the Styrian earth the Styrian oil pumpkin grows in.

Cultivation of the Styrian oil seed pumpkin

The GMO-free pumpkin seeds are sown in the end of April or beginning of May when the temperatur of our soils reach a minimum temperatur of 12 degree celcius. Our pumpkins are sown in rows with a single sowing machine and a total of 18.000 seeds per hectar. The seedlings, with their two small leaves, sprout from the soil one to two weeks after the seeds have been sown. The bright yellow pumpkin flowers bloom in July and two months later the yellow-green „Kürbisplutzer“ or ripe pumpkins are laying in the fields.

Mechanical weed control

Sowing our pumpkins in rows makes it possible to easily remove weeds by tilling the soil between them.


Depending on the weather conditions, the harvest takes place between the middle of September and the middle of October, usually using modern seed harvesting machinery. Our seeds are only seldom harvested by hand,  this involves laboriously halving the pumpkins and then the tedious work of separating the seeds from the pumpkin flesh, traditionally called "auspatzeln" in Styrian dialect. After they are harvested, the seeds are washed with drinking water, cleaned of remaining pumpkin flesh and dried for further storage.

In the meantime, Styrian pumpkin farmes like NEBAUER can look back at over a hundred years of experience and success producing oil from the plump, dark green and shell-less Styrian pumpkin seeds.

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